Absolute musical pitch

Pavel Berezhanskij

is a professional musician, a teacher and a psychologist. He had graduated from the Astrakhan State Conservatory; the Leningrad Pedagogical Gerzens Institute and the Moscow College of Improvised Music. He has been working the teacher of music at musical schools and colleges, he was the head of the Methodical Department. In 1992 he has organized the School-Lyceum Rainbow for the children which are gifted. In 1995 he has organized the College of Improvised Music Impromus. Since 1990 he has been researching the essence and the psychological nature of the Absolute Pitch, the development and the improvement of the technology of the shaping and the development of the real Absolute Musical Pitch. His pupils had already shaped the Absolute Pitch and had successfully entered the Special Musical Schools, Colleges and Conservatories.

Pavel Berezhanskij is the author of the book "Absolute Musical Pitch: essence, nature, genesis, way of shaping and development" Moscow 2000. Moscow Conservatory Publishers. He has the Copyrights for the Scientific Opening of the way of the shaping and the development of the Absolute Pitch.