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Absolute musical pitch

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B 48 Pavel Berezhanskij "Absolute Musical Pitch: essence, nature, genesis, way of shaping and development". - Moscow, 2000. - Moscow Conservatory Publishers. Ц 101 p.

> In this publishing for the first time in the world musical psychology is given the scientific explanation of phenomenon of the AbsolutePitch.
The analysis of the results of the scientific research, which were conducted earlier, and the own theoretical and experimental research have brought the author to the development of the efficient way of the shaping this valuable musical ability, has been considered, innate.
The book is addressed to the musicologists, the psychologists, the teachers and the students of the musical educational institutions, to everybody who is interested in the questions of the psychology of the musical abilities, and to the musicians, which want to have the Absolute Pitch.

ISBN 5-89598-091-0 © Pavel Berezhanskij., 2000 ЅЅ  85.310.70 + 88.454