Абсолютный музыкальный слух
Absolute musical pitch

of the shaping and development
of the Absolute Musical Pitch

The Audio-course is developed on the basis of the author's research of the harmonic essence and the step of the mono-harmony-tonality of the nature of Absolute Musical Pitch. The way of the shaping and the development of Absolute Pitch presents for itself a consequent process of the assimilation in perception of the step-harmonic qualities of sounds and the further exteriorization of the psychological mechanisms of perception and the reproduction of all musical sounds of the 12-step tempera formation.
As monotonality "C"- central chromatic complex is used. The material of this audio-course is available to any level of abilities, but it requires the repeatedly executed hearing and the qualitative execution of the each task. The method of the audio-course is simple and efficient, it gives the possibility to understand the directivity of tasks, to see the general methodology and, be oriented on the instructions of the rates, to control the dynamic development by itself.
With the correct and the systematic work with audio-course it is guaranteed the ability of the instant recognition of the musical sounds and the tonality without correlating them with the others known.
The Absolute Pitch has been already formed is saved forever, it doesn't require the special exercises for support and it continues to be improved in the usual musical activity.