Музыкальный абсолютный слух
Musical Absolute Pitch

Audio course
of formation and development
of absolute ear for music.

The Audio-course is developed on the basis of the author's discovery of the harmonic essence and stubenvoll monolocale nature of Absolute Musical Pitch. The way of the formation and the development of Absolute Pitch is a consequent process of the assimilation in perception of the step qualities of sounds and further interiorization of the psychological mechanisms of perception and reproduction of all musical sounds of the 12-step tempered system. As monotonality "C"- is used as the centric chromatic complex. The material of this audio-course is available for all skill levels, but it requires multiple auditions and high-quality performance of each task. The method of the audio-course is simple and efficient, it allows students to understand the direction of tasks, see the General methodology and, focusing on the indication of the pace, independently control the course and dynamics of development. With proper and systematic work with the audio course provides the ability to instantly recognize musical sounds and tones without correlating them with other well-known. Formed absolute hearing is preserved forever, it does not require special exercises to maintain and continues to improve in the conditions of normal musical activity.